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For Divorce and Family Law, Choose Johnson & Pauls Lawyers

Johnson & Pauls Lawyers is Eau Claire's leading law firm for matters of family law, including divorce, custody and placement disputes, support issues, and guardian ad litem cases involving children.

Visit our offices for experienced, compassionate representation in your divorce.
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Resolve Disputes Through Legal Mediation

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Many disputes can be resolved through legal mediation. With our help, you can resolve custody and placement issues, as well as other points of disagreement.

Let us help you consider mediation as a course of action. During a low-cost consultation, we can advise you on the merits of your case and give you a reasonable assessment of the costs.
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Protect Yourself With Surrogacy Law and a Gestational Carrier Contract

If you are exploring the possibility of entering into a surrogacy agreement, the laws are complex and there are many hazards. You can protect yourself with a legal gestational carrier contract.

Please contact our office to arrange a low-cost initial consultation about surrogacy law.
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Surrogacy Law

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