Careful Mediation

If you are involved in a dispute, legal mediation may be the proper solution. In legal mediation, you bring your dispute to an impartial third party. That third party helps you reach an agreement.

You can depend on Johnson & Pauls Lawyers for exceptional mediation services. Our alternative dispute resolution process gets past the emotions and the personal grudges and helps you find a workable solution.

Get Legal Guidance and a Written Record

When you come to us for mediation services, we will help you and the party with whom you are in conflict reach a meaningful resolution.
  • Facilitate communication
  • Provide legal guidance
  • Form an agreement
  • Create a written record of that agreement
In matters of custody and placement disputes, Wisconsin law requires mediation.

Please call us at 715-838-2889 to schedule a low-cost consultation about your mediation case.
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About Mediation
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discuss your goals,
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